Tips for Renting a Villa in St. Lucia

The primary choice of abode for most people who vacations on the Caribbean islands is villas. People choose to rent St. Lucia Villas because they are affordable and provide more comfort and privacy. Renting a villa is also a good option for people who prefer solitude or the company of their closest companions. However, choosing the right villa according to your needs becomes difficult when there are numerous types of villas present on the market especially in St. Lucia which is a tourist heaven and villas are in demand all year round. Someone else can get the villa of your dream if you stay indecisive for a long time.  That’s why following are some tips that will help you make your decision more quickly.

List your Preferences

The first thing you should do is to write down all of your requirements about a villa, such as the size. A small-sized villa with single bedroom is better if you are vacationing alone but if you are traveling with your family and kids, you will need more bedrooms and living space. The villas are also available in larger sizes for a group of people vacationing together.

In addition to the size of the villa, you should also specify whether you would like an isolated villa or something within walking distance of the town. The cost of renting the villa depends on these factors. That’s why you need to carefully plan your budget as well.

Search the Web

The best place to search for villas is the web. You should look for the right villa online according to your preferences. There are many online websites that offer this service but you need to pay special attention because the information on these websites can overlap and limit your options. After finding the right villa, you should ask the provider some necessary questions such as the distance of local grocery store from the villa or whether the appliances function properly. You should get the answers to these questions before agreeing on anything.

Discuss the Renting Rates

The cost of the rent depends on the number of features the villa has. It is important to discuss the rates of the rent before signing the final contract. Some secondary home owners offer extra perks to attract more customers such as free housekeeping, use of a car etc. While others charge extra fee for these services. You should properly inquire about these perks or you can exclude them from the contract in order to lower the rent.

Only after discussing everything with proper consideration, should you sign the renting contract. Make sure the contract does not include expenses like taxes, air-conditioning bills and clearly highlights the penalty in case of property damage.

Buy Insurance

Renting a villa is a large investment regardless of the duration of contract. It is wise to buy insurance for the rented villa in case of any mishap or disagreement between renting agency and home owner. An insurance will protect you from suffering major lose in this case as well.

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