Three Chiropractic Treatments for ADHD

Parents seeking a natural ADHD treatment should consider finding a good chiropractor. Singapore Chiropractor for ADHD involve far more than just spinal manipulation. As long as the chiropractor has additional training in neurology, pediatrics, nutrition, and other sub-fields, he or she can address ADHD symptoms on different levels. Here are three popular and effective ADHD chiropractic treatments.

Upper cervical treatment

Many people are aware that brain trauma increases the risk of ADHD, but the relationship between spinal health and neurological health is not as well-publicized. Problems with the upper cervical spine – the two vertebrae connecting the head to the spine – have been found to trigger ADHD symptoms. Why? These two vertebrae have the highest density of nerve endings, which means it provides the most stimulation to the brain and the strongest impact on bran function. Any injuries in this region can cause a misalignment, which resonates to other regions of the brain and trigger a breakdown in communication. Upper cervical spine trauma has many possible causes – a fall, a bump, bad sleeping positions, or poor posture. Regardless of what caused the trauma, misalignment caused by injuries to the upper cervical region can be treated by a chiropractor. Realigning the first two vertebrae restores brain communication and facilitates healing. You can find a chiropractor who provides this service through the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

Network spinal analysis

Network spinal analysis deals with the spine, but it does not readjust vertebrae so much as it promotes wellness. This approach involves apply low-pressure manipulations at specific areas of the spine in order to release accumulated stress and tension on the nerves and spine. I have used network spinal analysis on my pilot study about chiropractic and adults with ADHD. Singapore Chiropractor who practice this treatment specialize in treating subluxations and spinal tension.

NeuroEmotional Technique

Stressed-out adults and children with ADHD can be helped by a chiropractic treatment known as NeuroEmtional Technique (NET). This stress reduction program is a unique fusion of Chinese medicine and Western neurophysiology. The treatment begins when you are asked to picture a stressful event and the negative emotions it triggers. Doing so will make the body enter a certain physical state, as if the event was actually happening. You will then be asked to identify any specific body parts that ache when you are stressed or affected by negative emotions. This aching body part will then be massaged and manipulated.


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