The surging popularity of e-cigarettes in the UK – A detailed analysis

It is not that only UK is home to the constant debates on the effectiveness and safety of electronic cigarettes because a growing number of cities in the US are also banning the use of e-cigarettes, which is also known as vaping. People have been barred from vaping in public places like night clubs, bars and even inside family restaurants and henceforth, this is being treated in a similar manner to conventional cigarettes. Chicago, Boston and New York are some of the cities which will soon join the list.

Coming back to the UK, the stance on the usage of electronic cigarettes at public places is still subjective. Various public chains like Slug & Lettuce and Weatherspoons have banned using of E-cigs within their establishments. McDonalds, the famous food chain has also banned them. There are even few train operators like First Capital Connect which has totally banned the passengers who vape in public.

In the month of February though, Boots sent an announcement that their stores would be restocking e-cigarettes thereby making it highly available to its users. The people who were under 18 years of age were banned from purchasing e-cigarettes and the government of UK also considered it as illegal for the adults to purchase traditional cigarettes for someone who is under 18.

Critics are of the opinion that electronic cigarettes serve in the form of a gateway for the young teens and adults to experience a different and more satisfying form of smoking before they start using the real thing. If their habits are toughened in these impressionable years, the user might steer clear from all the old-style cigarettes.

In short, you can get e-cigarettes from stores like where they sell the best liquid containing cigarettes for their customers. They usually consist of a battery which has got a cartridge that’s filled with nicotine, which also contains solution of propylene glycol or water that’s mixed with glycerine. Whenever the user inhales, the solution vaporises and this is why it is given the name of vaping. The nicotine which enters the lungs is delivered without any toxins and tar. This is what makes e-cigarette users find out as the main difference between these forms and their traditional counterparts.

Therefore, the ultimate question lies in whether or not the UK government will succeed in banning e-cigarettes from being vaped in public places. It can be predicted that those who are forced to move outside can go back to smoking the actual cigarette.

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