How to Repair Rust on Your Car

Rust on any part of your car is threatening and it can eat away your whole car. How to repair rust on your car and is it really possible? Yes, it is possible if the rust is detected in the primary stage. The rust is caused when the soft steel comes in contact with acidic water. The danger of rusting is more in humid conditions and rainy seasons. If your plan is to keep the car for long time then it is important to prevent it from rusting. Rust on your car can bring down the price of the car.

The small rust spots are normally caused by road stones. Many times while driving, the stones fly up, hit the top coat of the paint, and form a scratch. In damp conditions, the exposed material comes in contact with water and starts the rusting process. Rusting is a natural process and it is important to take few measure steps to slow down the progress. How to repair rust on your car with few efforts? The best way is to keep a close watch on your car and make the required repairs before it is too late.

Check your car regularly for rust spots. The places to watch spots are around the wheels, bottom edge of your car, and around the door locks. The small rust spots are easy to locate and can be easily repaired by using few simple tools. In case if the spots have crossed the primary stage, it could be a costly affair for you. To start the repair work, first remove the rust from the affected area. You can choose between white spirits, rubbing alcohol, or rough sandpaper to rub the rusted area.

Once you wipe away the affected area, you can apply the rust-removing solvent to get rid of remaining rust particles in the area. Again, you need to rub the area with coarse sandpaper until you reach area of good paint. Apply glazing putty or cellulose stopper to the rusted area as smoothly as possible. This will help to fill the scratches and allow the paint to evenly cover the area. After dried apply the primer paint and finally apply fresh coat of paint after 24 hours. You can give the finishing touch by polishing and waxing the repaint area.

The key is to find the primer color and repaint color that perfectly matches your car. I suggest you to collect them from your dealer while you are purchasing the car. This will help you to do the repair works at any times. The rusting is a continuous process and a small spot of rust must not be neglected. Many car companies now a days offer plastic Vehicle Coating to your car body. The Vehicle Coating is invisible but is helpful to avoid scratches or stone chips. Even the bottom part of your car can be protected by applying rubber paint to it. How to repair rust on your car? The best answer is to take preventive measures instead of dealing with it in the later stage. The medical term prevention is better than cure fits here perfectly. Rust is really like a complex disease that cannot be controlled in advanced stage.

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