There are many varied ways that people can design booklets. Considerations for how the booklet is made depending on the aesthetic that one is going for. The following are ideas regarding the modelling of booklets:

Unbound Booklets

This type of booklet is usually called a pamphlet. The printing is usually done on a heavier card stock. The pamphlet is divided into thirds. After the printing on both sides, the booklet is folded into three. That means that the middle of the pamphlet is actually the centre of the booklet. It unfolds like a map and people will see 6 separate segments of information in total.

Soft Cover Books

These booklets are usually meant to be guides. They are maybe around 20 pages and are smaller in size than books. The saddle-stitch binding method of keeping the soft cover book together is the most common way to bind any booklet. A person will take an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet and then divide it in half to make a 5.5″ x 8.5″ sheet. Then, the book is stapled together at the centre and all along the folded edge. The end result is that each full sheet of paper makes four pages in the book.


Magazines are still bound using saddle-stitch binding. However, the person making the magazine will do so starting with larger pieces of paper. The printing is done on the pages dividing them in half. This means that the final result will also be four pages of magazine content per sheet. Magazines typically have a heavier card stock as the outer covering. This ensures that it will withstand wear and tear. However, with the price of printing soaring, many magazines cover still have the same quality of paper as the rest of the contents.

Booklets are more popular and pervasive in society than one might initially assume. They are able to be great references for material without taking up too much room on the shelf.

Ensure that you choose the best printing company to get the best quality booklets for your business. Some companies even have online stores that make the total cost cheaper. However, these online shops require you to already have your design present.

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