How do actors sound so authentic when they speak a foreign tongue in a movie? How do they learn a language so fast? Working on your body for some time is one thing but learning a language first and then the dialogues, that has got to be difficult right?

Well, it isn’t as challenging as it seems. Enter- the unsung heroes of the vernacular industry. The dialect coaches. You don’t need to learn a language from the beginning in order to act out a role with a foreign tongue. You simply need to hire a dialect coach. These coaches help you speak a language, be it German, French or Norwegian with the perfect accent in no time.

You can even talk like a proper French Canadian living in Germany with the help of a dialect coach. Accents are difficult but you have the coach. You want to ace a German accent, maybe not a pure one even, hire the best coach in the industry- Britta Zeimer. She is a German teacher and a dialect coach based in Vancouver, Canada but she is available for people around the globe via Skype.

She is lawyer with a degree in psychology and has even acted for some time. Now she devotes her time teaching German to children, adults and actors alike. She has been working as a dialect coach for some time now and has worked with a lot of actors on different movies and TV shows. She is highly praised for her work by everyone. This is what the actors she has worked with say about her-

Britta, thank you so much for your help. It was wonderful to meet you and work with you. You’re the best.

~Sebastian Roché, actor

Thank you for all your amazing help. You were really a life saver!

~ Jeremy Schuetze, actor

Thank you Britta for all your support! I really don’t know how I could have coped if you hadn’t been there. What a ride! From the bottom of my heart I bless you!

~ Gabrielle Rose, actress

That is pure regard and praise for their coach. Did you know Britta has also worked with Robert Zemeckis? Yes, she has. How incredible is that?

Britta has been working for long and knows what she is doing. She is a magician and her students stand as living testaments of her working techniques. She understands the need of the director, the student and even the businessman before starting her lessons. She takes notes, rechecks them with her clients and then only begins teaching.

It’s tricky, very tricky. But Britta make it as easy as a piece of cake. So next time you have your German exam or have to prepare for an audition or a role or even a meeting. Try hiring her as a coach. You can find everything about her on her website Wherever you are in the world, Britta is going to help you get through the storm of German sounds, vowels and consonants.

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