Effective Ways to Induce Labor – Maternity Acupressure

Pregnant women undergoing a stressful period in their life either due to their pregnancy or because of other circumstances which unfortunately coincided with their pregnancy, often end up having false labor or not experiencing labor at all even when they have already reached their due dates or have gone past their due dates. This is a common problem which is experienced by many pregnant women today. The good news is there are tried and tested effective ways to induce labor and start giving birth to the little one inside that womb!

There are more ways than one to effectively induce labor. Thanks to postpartum massage, a very old method designed by the Chinese which is similar to the principle of acupuncture, there is a healing method which stimulates a range of pressure points in different key parts of the body to induce labor for pregnant women who are having a hard time starting labor on their own. The practice of maternity acupressure has long been done to aid migraine headaches and relieve labor pains in pregnant women as well. Aside from labor pains, maternity acupressure can also stimulate the normal circulation in those key points to induce natural and faster labor during the last few weeks before a woman is about to give birth.

The key points on which maternity acupressure should be exercised would be on the three main areas: the Hoku, or the large intestine, the Chih-yin, or the bladder, and the San-yin-chiao, or the spleen. These three areas in the body are usually connected to the different hormones and fluids which normally induce labor during the last weeks of pregnancy. The Hoku pressure point can be found in the webbing between the hand’s thumb and index finger. Applying acupressure on this pressure point can stimulate natural contractions and also relieve migraine headaches related to pregnancy. The Chih-yin is situated on the corner of the smallest toe nail on either the left or right foot. By applying acupressure on this point, it can also help soothe labor pains and make the body feel more relaxed. The San-yin-chiao is located on either sides of the tibia, which is the front part of the leg, near the ankle bone. By applying maternity acupressure on this pressure point, this is known to induce labor more effectively and stimulate the release of hormones responsible for inducing labor naturally.

Massaging different key areas in the body can also support postpartum massage. It is said that by massaging and applying pressure to buttock points can also stimulate the bowels, thus stimulating the contractions in a pregnant woman’s uterus. Belly massaging techniques can also help by applying the right amount of pressure on the belly and performing massages using the index finger and doing circular motion along the belly or the buttocks. This can gradually induce labor and are one of the easiest ways to induce labor naturally.

Aside from massaging key areas in the body, pregnant women should also refrain from getting into stressful situations, and avoid thinking of unhappy thoughts which can ruin their mood or cause them to be anxious. Husbands should play a vital role in making sure that their pregnant wives receive a lot of attention and care during their pregnancy and to also spend a lot of relaxation time together. The husbands should consider the pregnancy as a partnership and not just something that the wife should be going through by herself.

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