Caring For Your Parents as They Age

It’s fairly inevitable. Your parents are bound to get older. Helping make decisions on how to best care for them can be extremely difficult. You love them but you may not have the time and/or resources to care for them yourselves. The neglect in nursing home facilities is unfortunately common. This decision is an important one and this blog post gives you some things to consider as you make choices.

How much help do they need moving around?

Are your parents or elderly loved one able to move around well on their own? If they are able to move fairly well without assistance, placing them in a nursing home facility may be more assistance than they really need. There are businesses that provide in home care. These individuals can assist with some of the more difficult aspects of life like preparing meals, assisting with bathing and other routine hygiene needs.

If they truly struggle to get around and they will need a lot of assistance making it to the bathroom, then perhaps you may need more assistance.

Do they need closer access to medical professionals?

How is their health? If they truly are in poor health, it may be advantageous to have them in a medical facility with in-house health providers. Also some facilities are located in close proximity to hospitals so they can get the help they need in case of emergencies. The hope is that having them in a nursing home any health issues that arise may be caught earlier than if they are living on their own.

How Often Can You See Them?

If their current place of residence is too far away that you are unable to visit with them frequently, it may be advantageous to move them to a care facility that is closer to where you live. If they really don’t need a lot of care but more just companionship, it might be recommended to have them sell their home and property and downsize to an apartment or condo that is closer in proximity to your home. It may make it easier for them to care for their living space.

There are a lot of things to consider as you are making decisions with your parents. Be sure to do your best to choose wisely.

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