Build Temporary Car Parks With Ground Protection Mats

Whenever there is a special event there will be the need for extra car parking space, whether it is something small in the local village, like a fete or even a wedding, or something that will attract many thousands of people. Perhaps a music festival or as happened in London, UK during 2012, huge event followed by huge event, with Jubilee celebrations followed by the Olympics, as well as all the other regular annual sporting and musical events.

Obviously, events on that sort of scale often need months or even years of planning but every year there are large festivals, air shows, and massive sporting fixtures that all take place in outdoor venues, in places where there isn’t normally a venue! Indoor gigs usually have ready made facilities, especially when it comes to parking, with car parks often right next to the venue for the convenience of all the punters.

When it comes to these outdoor events, very often they take place in areas that are normally farmland, big expanses of green fields that have the potential to be destroyed when hundreds or thousands of cars are parked on top of them!

Enter stage left, ground protection mats which can essentially be made into temporary car park operators . If you have been to a big festival, then you may well have seen and even walked upon these protection mats and although they may indeed flatten the grass (unavoidable really) they will certainly prevent any lasting damage, such as huge tyre grooves as the field turns into a mud bath!

The benefits are multiple because not only does your car not get stuck and need to be towed from the field, but you also get to the venue in one piece. The owner of the land also gets to see his or her fields return to some kind of normality afterwards, with only the collection of the ground protection mats left to do.

Although the mats are relatively light (making assembly and dismantling really simple) they are strong enough to take the weight of all the cars and vehicles as well as all the people walking on top of them.

So, if you are planning an event and are concerned about the outdoor venue of your choice, by using protection mats to make a temporary car park operators that is at least one of your problems that can be solved relatively easily and you can start planning a fun festival that everyone will enjoy.

News Reporter