Auto Maintenance and Caring For Your Automobile’s Clear Coat

Acid Rain, Alkaline Rain and the opportunities in on-site detailing and car care are vast. Acid Rain can severely damage cars and SUVs. There are many environmental attacks on your car, some man made others not. Water spots from sprinklers are horrible in many areas the minerals hurt car clear coats. Acid rain is caused by Sulfur Dioxides or Nitrogen Oxides, which combine with smog and water or precipitation to cause sulfuric and nitric acids. These on the surface of the car can be visible in white rings around dulled areas of the paint. Sometimes very small and I’ve seen as big as a quarter. Alkaline spots happen when minerals and chemicals react while on the surface of your car. Ouch !!! When the water dries you will see gloss of the clear coat dulls in spots and appear like deposits of salt or white film. What can you do about this. We recommend Clay Magic Fall-out Remover from AutoMagic.

Caring for the Anti Scratch Car Coat on your car is not easy with all the challenges our cars face every day. After all, we are merely one shopping cart away from permanent damage. To properly maintain the clear coat of your car you need to keep a good coat of wax and sealant on it. This may not sound like a big deal, but the way in which you wax your car does matter, as you can damage the clear coat if you do not do it properly.

For instance, if you hire an auto detail who does not know how to use a buffer, or does not use the right type of application pad when putting on the wax, he can actually damage your car’s clearcoat rather than helping you protect it. Also if you go to a carwash and the brushes are not clean they can cause tiny scratches in the clearcoat, which can start the clearcoat decaying.

It’s best to wash the car with soap and water by hand using a lamb’s wool mitt, gently removing the dirt, then carefully chamois off the remaining water. When completing the job it makes sense to inspect to make sure there is no damage to the clear coat of your car, and then applying a coat of wax. There are special clear-coat-waxes made that are also sealant coatings, many of these are specially made for Anti Scratch Car Coat.

Once you have a strong sealant coat on your car it makes sense to wax it with regular wax many times over again. This will protect your car from scratches and therefore, protect your automobile’s clear-coat from harm. Please consider all this.


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