Blackhat SEO is the use aggressive SEO tactics or techniques which emphases on search engines and not social audience. The Blackhat SEO strategies do not observe the search engines guidelines. Blackhat SEO is more used by entities who want a swift financial gain on their sites instead of a long-term investment on their Web site. The worst thing about black hat SEO it that it can possibly cause your website to be banned from a search engine. However, since the focus of Blackhat SEO is quick and high returns most of the experts who use them consider banning from search engines as an errant risk. Blackhat SEO techniques are unethical ways of getting more exposure on search engines and you should not adopt them.

Why you should not use black-hat SEO

The common search engines like Google or Yahoo is only interested in providing relevant results to their users. However, whoever uses Black Hat or unethical techniques has no interest in offering you the required information. For instance, if a webmaster wants to make some dollars with Google AdSense, he or she will place a web page content hoping that if you find the page click, and since the information on the pea is not useful, you will click on the ad. Once you click, the webmaster is paid. The results are poor user experience since the webmaster used black hat SEO techniques to fool search engine to believe that the page was relevant. Therefore, if you are looking forward to outsourcing search engine marketing, you should never adopt ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques.

Blackhat SEO is often used to boost pages that do not offer value to the users. The main aim of the black hat SEO techniques is to influence the search engine but does not offer critical information to the human readers. Use of black hat SEO technique does not necessarily mean you did not have the relevant information but it means you are okay with cheating and breaking the rules. In case you are a caught by the, you may end up losing your website. Some of these techniques include keyword stuffing, unrelated keywords, hidden or tinny text spam blogs, and others.

In conclusion, if you a serious online entrepreneur and want to stay for a long time in the industry, you should stay away from the black hat SEO. If you are outsourcing your SEO to an SEO company, ensure that they are using only whitehat SEO techniques.


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