What is the Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor?

Hypertension can be a nasty thing if it is not controlled. To keep accurate records of your blood pressure fluctuations, can assist your doctor greatly in prescribing and monitoring your medication. And of course, to monitor it correctly requires the proper equipment with which to do it.

My wife has to take medication and she had several goes to find one that didn’t have any side effects. My wife is from the Philippines and high blood pressure is a very common ailment as people start to age. One of the major causes of having this they think is a high intake of common salt. That would fit with the Philippines because they eat lots of salt in their diet. So much so in fact that when my wife’s daughter cooks for us I have great difficulty eating the meal because it is much too salty for me. But that is the way of life in the Philippines and how they prepare their food, with lots of salt.

As soon as you realize you have a problem with blood pressure it pays to get your own machine so you can keep it monitored at home. It will change throughout the day depending on our level of physical activity or even emotional level at the time. So if you rely on a check each time you go to the doctors you may not be getting an accurate reading of your blood pressure. Just the walk into the doctor’s office could alter your reading or even the shopping or driving you had been doing shortly before.

I remember when my wife first decided that we had to do regular checks at home. All she had was one one of the old methods where you wrapped your arm, pumped up the little ball and read the gauge as you slowly released the pressure while you counted the beats through the stethoscope. Wow, that is so complicated and I no longer attempt it as, being a bit deaf, I am unable to hear the beats properly through the stethoscope.

Of course the answer now is one of the newer bp monitor that are fully automatic. You just wrap your arm, press the button when you are ready and the little machine does it all. You will get an accurate reading on the gauge and have had no hassle at all. They certainly have come a long way from the old way of doing it. These new little machines are brilliant and they are surprisingly cheap to buy.

If you are still checking your blood pressure the old fashioned way, get one of the new home bp monitor. They are completely automatic and so you will be so glad you did.

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