What is My Ideal Body Fat Percentage?

The ideal body fat % varies from men to women and from lifestyle to lifestyle. According to The American Council on Exercise women need 10-13% body fat to live and men need 2-4%. An acceptable level of body fat is considered to be 25-31% for women and 18-25% for men. However, there is a worldwide obesity epidemic. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 1 billion people overweight with 300 million of those people being obese. This article will touch briefly on the causes and talk about some ways to reduce your body fat percentage.

One of the reasons that the world has an obesity epidemic is because the vast majority of the things we are provided to eat at bed for us. Even the so called healthy foods have additives that cause us to get fat. My high fiber breakfast cereal has an ingredient called High Fructose Corn Syrup. This is a cheaper sweetener than the naturally occurring sweetener sucrose. Unfortunately HFCS converts to fat at a faster rate than sucrose and it is in virtually everything.

One way to get down to your ideal body fat % is to avoid as many processed foods as possible. Start eating things the way nature intended such as lean beef, chicken, fish fresh vegetables, nuts and fruit.

Another way is to start lifting weights. Lifting weights has a few benefits to losing body fat percentage and getting down to your ideal body fat % because muscle weighs more than fat so the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn. You can even increase this fat burning ability by doing exercises like dead lifts, clean and jerks, bench presses and others which throw your body into a metabolic shock and cause you to burn fat at a higher rate for days on end.

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