Wedding Orchids – Make Your Wedding Bouquet Stand Out!

If you want to wow everyone on your wedding day, then Singapore wedding orchids are the way to go. Regarded as mysterious and expensive flowers, orchids can really make your bridal bouquet stand out.

Not only can you use orchids for your bouquet, but you can also use them in garlands, posies and center-pieces for the wedding tables.

Cymbidium orchids are a great choice for the bridal bouquet. These are large orchids which come in the following colors: pink, white, yellow and pale green. They don’t dry out like other flowers do, and will stand up well to all weather conditions. They’re also wilt resistant, which is important if you want your flowers to look good all day long.

Another wedding orchids choice is the Singapore orchid. Although smaller than the Cymbidium orchid, they make a great secondary flower in garlands and center-pieces. Singapore orchids are white and purple, so it’s easy to color co-ordinate them with other flowers for your wedding.

Wedding orchids are available all year, depending on the variety. So no matter when you’re holding your wedding, you’ll be able to find orchids to complete your flower arrangements.

If you really want your guests to ooh and ahh as you walk down the aisle, then a bouquet made exclusively of Cymbidium orchids will definitely make the right impression. And not only will your bouquet be wilt resistant, it will also look magnificent in the photographs!

If you’re worried that orchids will be very expensive, you needn’t be. Of course, if you source them from a florist, they will be. But often, you can buy them in bulk directly from the grower which means you can save a lot of money on your wedding flowers. As long as you know someone who’s clever at arranging flowers, you buy your orchids this way and save on wedding costs.

If you want to make your wedding flowers exclusively orchids, you can do so to great effect. As well as the bridal bouquet, you can use Cymbidium or Singapore wedding in garlands, posies and the table center-pieces. There are other wedding orchids you can use as well, such as Vanda or Phalaenopsis orchids.

Orchids are still regarded as an unusual choice for a wedding flower in some circles, so if you really want to be unique and start a trend in your social circle, you can’t go wrong with a bridal bouquet of orchids.

So if you want a magnificent bridal bouquet that will really make your wedding day memorable, why not choose wedding orchids? They should last all day long, look great in photos and are available all year round – what’s not to love? You can even save money by purchasing them yourself directly from the grower!

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