Wall Mounted Drying Rack – Top 5 Reasons Drying Racks Save You Money

By attaching to the wall the modern wall mounted clothes rack singapore are much more practical than the old style drying racks which were difficult to store and broke and bent easily. Good quality wall drying racks are made from hard wearing, durable material, preferably metal to last a long time.

They are stylish and there are many types and colours to match different homes.

The best thing about wall mounted styles of drying racks is that they will save you lots and lots of money. Here’s why:

1 Electricity. Many people do not realise just what a huge amount of electricity the electric drier uses. It is the most expensive electric item in the home. When you consider how often you dry your clothes, you are wasting lots and lots of money on the electric drier. A wall drying rack does a better job and costs nothing on the electricity bill.

2 Drying racks are a fabulous way to keep your clothes in great condition for longer. Electric driers are very harmful to fabric and clothes quickly become ruined. When you switch to a wall or ceiling drying rack you’ll love the difference it makes to your clothing bill.

3 Another way the clothesline or drying rack is good for clothes is that by drying indoors you won’t expose your clothes to damaging UV rays while they dry so the colour will last longer too.

4 By hanging your washing on a wall mounted style of drying rack you allow creases to drop out of many fabrics as they dry. This means that you won’t have to iron as much, so you save even more money on your electricity bill.

5 Air conditioning units have to work overtime when the electric drier is being used. This means that as well as all the money being spent on the drier, the air conditioner racks up the digits on the electricity bill too. By using a clothes airers, clotheslines or drying racks you won’t cause the air conditioning unit to struggle.

So there you have it 5 ways a clothes rack singapore will save you money and keep your clothes in great condition. Hopefully that will convince you to change to a clothes rack rather than using a drying machine!

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