Top 4 Reasons Scorpions are taking over your Property

Scorpions are very common in warm climates, and the risk of scorpion infestation increases with the temperature. If you live in Arizona, Texas, or other warm areas, the chances are that you have seen a scorpion or know someone who was stung by one.  These creepy pests are scary and dangerous due to their venomous stings they inflict on you, your pets, or your family.

Note that a scorpion stings only when it’s disturbed. However, most scorpions are translucent and difficult to spot especially if you aren’t looking for them. If you are wondering why scorpions are invading your home, here are four reasons.

1. Your yard has a good shade

Scorpions are nocturnal creatures that live in warm areas. They are always in search for cool areas to rest while the heat of the day overtakes them. Thus, if your yard has a lot of shady areas, there is a high risk of scorpion invasion. It’s advisable to do regular property checks to ensure that no scorpions are hiding out in the shade. The inspection should be done by a scorpion control specialist.

2. You have an orchard near your home

Homes with orchards are more likely to be invaded by scorpions. Generally, scorpions love wet, shady environment that the trees and young plants in your orchard offer. Bark scorpions like dark, damp environment and tend to be found on citrus trees and orchards as well. Therefore, be careful if you have an orchard or citrus trees within the vicinity of your home.

3. Your home was invaded by scorpions previously

If you have had scorpion infestation in your property before, the chances are that you will see these pests again. These creatures are territorial, and they tend to return to various places that served them perfectly. Scorpions love areas that offer them comfort and if they can get that comfort in your property, they must show up.

4. Your home hosts large populations of other pests

If your home houses other different insects, the chances are that you will end up with scorpion infestation. Most insects are a source of food for scorpions and availing a food source for these animals is like allowing them into your home. Thus, you should get help from a competent scorpion control experts because scorpions rarely leave a place that offers them great food and protects them.

If you’re already battling with scorpion infestation, it’s advisable to contact a reputable exterminator for help. It’s also advisable to remove all branches and accumulated debris in your yard. In most cases, scorpions hide under leaves or other things that have piled up in your yard. Therefore, removing debris and ensuring that garbage never accumulates is an effective way of eliminating scorpions’ shelter.

Scorpions are also attracted to homes with other insects (their food). Focus on keeping your property clean and free from other insects. It’s also advisable to check for spaces between door frames or other spaces that serve as pests’ entry points into your home and seal them.

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