This may sound unusual, but the type of font used to relay messages does affect the response. Amazingly, the cultural and psychological effects of the font are inevitable, and there is a great need to consider what to use as called for by the circumstances. Posters can be about anything in any field; be it medicine, business, entertainment or religious context.

We will discuss font options and other aspects to be kept in mind when designing a poster.

Type of font

The type of font is a crucial aspect. A family of fonts with different styles is known as a typeface. If your message has a formal tone, it needs a formal font type.

Fonts for formal use

Serif font is the oldest classic font, dating back to the Roman times. It is easily identified by the little lines on the edges of the letters. This font is ideal for most formal items such as logos and public posters. The Sans Serif is from the serif typeface. It lacks the lines or serifs on the edges of the letter. The word sans is derived from an old French term, Sanz, which means ‘without.’ This type of font is very popular in the modern day. It is deemed very neat and official. It is legible from a distance and has a bold, majestic tone to it. Sans serif is quite a favourite for business posters and logo designs.

Fonts for informal use

There are fonts like Brush Script M7, Forte, Curlz MT, French Script, Lucida Handwriting and Bradley Hand. These typefaces and types all have a playful calligraphic nature. They are the best for informal posters. They can be used for messages about amusement parks, parties, music concerts and most events involving children such as confectionery, games, toys and clothing advertisements. Some have specific effects like Chiller is perfect for creepy stuff like Halloween parties and ads for horror films.

Colour of font

Apart from the font type, there are other aspects worth considering. The font colour; the type of colour is proven to have psychological effects on people. There is some emotional or cultural belief attached to each colour, for instance, red for danger, green for nature and grey for gloom.

Capitalization and spacing

Capitalization; capital letters are best used on the titles and for emphasis. Space; ensure your letters are well spaced to avoid boring the reader with congested text.

The importance of font in posters is very significant. A choice must, therefore, be made with care. When designing that poster, ensure the font is appropriate for the subject, proper spacing and has a thoughtful colour choice. This way your poster will attract many an eye and encourage more people to take a look at what you have to offer.



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