TENS Machine Could Assist With Pain Management

TENS machine hire is an important element of pain management systems. If you suffer from chronic or acute pain then a machine could help relieve your suffering.

Prescription pain medication can have some significant drawbacks. As well as causing uncomfortable side effects these powerful drugs can also cause addiction. This means it is difficult to include them in long-term treatment plans. This can make it tricky for people with ongoing conditions to seek the pain relief they need safely. However machine hire can offer an affordable and safe way to manage pain.

TENS Machines Basics

If you are considering machine hire then it is important to understand how these devices work. Tens machines are quite basic devices which emit tiny electrical pulses into the body. This is carried out by placing electrodes attached to the machine on the skin. These electrical pulses are safe and have no side effects. machines have a dual function:

– Boost Endorphins – the body is actually very efficient at dealing with pain. It produces its own pain relief chemicals known as endorphins. These work on the brain’s pain receptors to numb them and reduce pain sensation. However if you have acute or long-term pain then you may not be producing enough endorphins to have an effect. A machine can boost the release of endorphins and help optimize the body’s own pain management. This means that machine hire can be a more natural solution to pain.

– Block Pain Signals – this is a key way in which machine hire could benefit you. The small electrical impulses emitted by the machine can overwhelm the pain impulses being sent to the brain. This means if you put the machine electrodes close to the area causing pain then you can block pain signals and reduce pain sensation. This can be an effective and non-harmful way to reduce acute and chronic pain.

Where can I Hire a TENS Machine?

TENS machine hire can be carried out from local medical centres (doctors surgeries, clinics, hospitals etc) and also from some specialist suppliers. There may be a limited number of these machines available in your local area so make sure you book them as soon as possible. Alternatively you can look online as many suppliers offer machine hire through websites. These machines can then be delivered directly to your door. This is a convenient and affordable way to manage your pain.


More and more people are now seeking alternative ways to manage pain. Powerful prescription drugs are expensive and can have a negative effect on the body. tens machine hire is growing more popular and is now widely available. This can provide people with a non-invasive and non-addictive form of pain relief without the danger of side effects.

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