Specializing in Microcontrollers Can Open the Door to New Opportunities

Science & technology is making rapid advancements and with that, microprocessors, integrated circuits, micro controllers and embedded chips are finding increasing usage among various applications. They are primarily used across different electronics and electrical projects in order to reduce complexity, cost and size. In order to use the microcontrollers, organizations require professionals who have undergone Microcontroller Training and are adept at handling complex tasks with ease and efficiency.

Application of Microcontrollers in Various Industries

Microcontrollers have become an indispensable part of different fields like electronics, robotics, space, aeronautics, mobile communications, etc. It is used for developing and controlling the activities of numerous applications that are used on a daily basis. Some of the applications of microcontrollers have been discussed below:

  • Medical Applications

A medical application (health monitoring system) has been developed by Edgefxkits.com that allows quick tracking of patient so that the patient can be reached as soon as possible in case of an emergency. The location is tracked by Global Positioning System (GPS) over GSM. The application is also able to track the body temperature of the patient wirelessly and in turn, send a message to the concerned person.

  • Robotics

Companies like Google, Apple and others are in constant pursuit of developing hi-tech driverless cars that are safe and useful at the same time. Innovative ventures are leading to the development of robotic applications that are able to detect as well as avoid obstacles in the path. This is definitely a huge step towards realizing the dream of auto-driven cars.

  • Electronics

When it comes to electronic appliances and gadgets, microcontrollers are used across various types of mobile phones, CD-DVD players, security alarms, cameras, measuring instruments and more. The electronic voting machine is also a great example of the practical application of microcontrollers.

Microcontrollers are Paving the Way in Innovation and Growth

When it comes to embedded systems, Microcontrollers can be considered the heart of these systems. The 8051 microcontroller comes with an easy instruction set and development tools are available widely. Some of the advantages offered are as follows:

  • Due to its programmable nature, it is extremely flexible.
  • The manufacturing costs isn’t that high as microcontrollers can be fully integrated onto 1 chip.
  • A lot of human effort can be saved with the implementation of microcontrollers. Tasks can be completed consistently and quickly without losing crucial productivity time.

Wrapping Up

The benefits offered combined with its simple working mechanism makes Microcontrollers the preferred choice while developing different types of embedded systems.

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