Right hand vs Left hand: which one to wear a watch on?

Your outfit is incomplete without the right type of accessories. When it comes to accessories nothing can be as powerful and bold as an elegant wristwatch. They not only add glamour to your looks but also make a powerful statement. In addition to telling you the time the watches also complements your personality. They can either build or break a look. If you are looking for the right type of watch, then you can shop watch online and select from our huge range of available watches.

There is always an ongoing debate regarding the hand in which we should wear our wristwatch. Left hand or right hand; is a big question which boggles our mind. People put forward their own valid reason to justify the hand to put on a watch. This article is to explore the different reasons which validate the hand to put on a watch.

  • Right-handed people prefer left-hand watch

Majority of the people in our society are right-handed. They find it easy to wear the watch on the non-dominant hand. For them wearing the watch on the left hand has a practical advantage. Since they work (writing, daily utility task) with the right hand, wearing the watch on the left-hand wrist makes it easier to look at the watch. The working hand is also less disturbed in this case. The crown of the watch is also installed on the right side. So, it is easy to manipulate it with the right-hand fingers.

There is one more practical advantage in wearing the watch on left hand. There is always lesser movement involved with the left hand, so that chances of damage to the watch is also minimised in this case. Just wondering, what would happen if you are fixing a machine or cleaning your car with the watch on the right-hand? There is a greater possibility of it getting scratched or damaged while doing these works. Even most working women prefer wearing the watch on the left hand while going to the office.

  • Left-Handed people wear the watch on the right hand

The left-handed people do most of their work with the left hand. For them the left hand is dominant and the right hand is non-dominant. Since the dominant hand is more active, it leaves their other hand open to do more things. For the left-handed people, it is easy to twist the right hand and look at the watch. You need not disturb the working hand while knowing the time.

  • People wear the watch on the right hand in a party

For the urban people, party means a place to show-off. You generally wear the most elegant and beautiful watch to the party. It helps you to make a statement among your friends. When the idea is to show you watch to the maximum number of people, it is better to wear it on the right hand. This is especially true for the women, who prefer to wear the bracelet and bangles on the left hand. Moreover, when the left hand is loaded with bracelets or bangles it does not make any sense to wear the watch on the same hand. Here not only the view of the watch would be obstructed by the bracelet, but there is also a chance of it getting scratched by the sharp edges of the bracelet.

  • Few un-conventional people prefer to wear the watch on the right hand

Some people prefer to remain unconventional in order to make a statement. Since most of the right-handed people prefer to wear the watch on the left hand, they wish to stand out in the crowd, by wearing the watch on the right hand. It is a style statement for them. After a few days of practice of wearing the watch on the right hand, it hardly poses any difficulty to tell the time.

Finally, it can be said that watch can be worn on the left as well as the right hand. It totally depends on the functionality and the occasion.

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