Pipe Renovation Projects And Rehabilitation With the Slip Lining Method

If you happen to think of rehabilitating your existing pipe line, then you ought to learn the different techniques in the whole process. Pipe renovation can be tricky and without proper knowledge, the whole system might be damaged instead of being rehabilitated.

There are several ways of Process Piping renovation but the oldest and the most common technique is slip lining. Slip lining is a popular way of repairing leaks and maintaining the stability of the whole system. HDPE or high density polyethylene, PVC and fibre glass are materials used by plumbers when doing the slip line method.

How It Works

One of the things that make the method a popular choice among plumbing companies and home owners is the fact that it requires minimal excavation and can be done in a short span of time. A carrier pipe is inserted in the host pipe to clean the existing one or strengthen it.

Slip lining comes in two ways – (1) continuous, which includes the carrier pipe being pulled through the hosting pipe at the start up to the blockade or area to be rehabilitated and (2) segmental, which includes the use of individual pieces being put together to pass different curved pipes.


One of the advantages that home owners or even commercial business owners have with slip lining is that they would be able to maximize on the existing resources available when they use the method. It also requires minimal excavation so one can go ahead with their daily plans without any problem. Last, but not the least, it is easy to install and a cost effective way for those who are on a tight budget.


One of the general rule when it comes to using the said method is the fact that since the carrier pipe is smaller than the host pipe, it would post some problems especially in the cross sectional area of the pipe system. Excavations are also done on the starting point and at the receiving end which can be troublesome for some. With that said, slip lining can still be one’s best ally when it comes to fixing or renovating the pipe system.

For those who wish to have a renovation or rehabilitation done to their Process Piping system, it is important to find a reputable plumbing company to do the job for them. Ask the contractors about the advantages and disadvantages as well as other options that are available for them just in case the slip lining method is not the best possible option to get the result that they want.


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