Parking Systems: How To Serve You Better

Parking a car can be a troublesome task in many public places like malls, exhibitions etc. Car parking lots in buildings are usually managed manually on the space available. Moreover, managing the whole parking system manually is quite a tough task as it involves managing spaces for the new vehicles, adjusting the places for the already parked ones. For an easy and convenient way of parking, many places have come up with automatic parking systems which allow for automatic allocation of parking space to the cars. Parking operator Singapore is one such example.

Parking System constitutes the automated access control system, revenue management, enabling fool-proof security system, boom barrier, automated fee systems and statistical information. To control the car park, park operators should have an idea about the different ways to work the parking systems.

There are more than two dozen functions of parking operator systems to choose from, including:

The use of photo sensor arrangement technique, this idea basically involves sensor detectors, for example Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), sensing the arrival of a new vehicle and accordingly opens the entry boom to allow the car to be parked in that space. In case of the already parked car leaving the space, the controller accordingly opens the entry boom barrier to allow the car to leave the park and accordingly close the boom barrier until a new car arrives. The RFID card of each user is used to allow access to the car to enter the parking lot. The RFID card generally contains the money in the card which immediately gets reduced by showing the accessible number of parking on the LCD display.

There are many technologies for facilitating parking payments leaving various options to choose from when thinking of which system to implement. Whether via a cashier, a fully-automated self-serve system, or a hybrid attended/self-serve model. The cashier may take payments, issue tickets, validate parking passes, and may also manually control entry or exit gates. Whereas parking meters can only serve one parking space at a time, utilizing pay and display machines can serve several at a time. Tickets can be purchased and parking fees can be paid with cash or credit card. The pay on foot machines also supports RFID.

With advanced parking management system, it is completely appropriate, comfortable and easy to regulate the entry and exit of vehicles in the parking facility. Overall, it requires lower maintenance and services and ensures efficient functioning and coordination within the parking space.

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