Know Your 3 Day Tuna Diet

So there is that wedding, a dance or you are just looking forward to a valentine day and you are desperate to knock off some 10 maybe 15 pounds… See, you want to fit into that cool size 6 sexy, black dress. You weigh your choices… What about that 3 day tuna diet you heard of? Whoa! Slow down, get the low down first.

Ok, first things first. The 3 day tuna diet can help you lose weight. However, this is a low calorie diet and although it is a short term diet, it will affect your metabolism long after you have stopped the diet. As a result you might later on gain the weight that you have lost and then some.

Secondly, because this diet only gives you 978 calories per day, you are basically setting yourself up to go into a starvation mode from day one. So you can agree with me that the 3 day tuna diet is unhealthy.

The signs you will get to indicate that you entering the starvation mood when on the 3 day tuna diet are first and foremost, feeling sluggish. You will start putting things off even those things that you would normally do without thinking twice. You will also start feeling cold which cannot be easily remedied by some extra blankets. You might dream of food. Some reports say that people on this diet have experienced seeing food dancing in front of them whilst they are wide awake!

3 tuna diet verges on being a ‘very low calorie diet’ (VLCD), and usually people who go on this diet they don’t do it just for the 3 days but they will go on the diet on and off for a full month.

Furthermore, the foods that you will be eating when on 3 tuna diet, are not balanced. You will be allowed to have small amounts of fish and chicken, bit of peanut butter, few veggies and an apple for your dinner; follow this with an ice cream and you know that it is not a healthy balanced food setup.

The largest portion of the tuna recipes is made up of refined carbohydrates, which have of course, very little nutritional value. These carbs will also hike up the production of insulin. Food cravings will also increase.

When you opt out for a low calorie diet like the tuna recipes you will definitely face food cravings. With this diet, you are likely to have 3 days of dieting followed by 4 days of eating whatever you want, as the body will be desperately craving for fast nutrition top-up, you are more likely to eat unhealthy foods to ‘make-up’ for the nutrition dip. In the 70s studies, the average dieter gaining more weight than what they started with when going on diet for up to 8 pounds (more than three and a half kg) in just weeks after the diet.

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