Keyless Doors

A Smartphone Door Lock Singapore is not for the movies anymore. Graduating from a standard lock and key scheme to a state of the art entry system gives you more security and better peace of mind. The standard lock and key have been around for hundreds of years in one way or another and are certainly effective in keeping intruders from entering your home.

Secure door that do not require a key are becoming more popular as the styles and benefits far outweigh the old mindset. You have seen them on garages, in secure areas or even in the movies to protect sensitive areas from the mainstream public.

Keyless entry can encompass many areas to help secure the room behind the door. Retina, palm scanners are certainly not cost effective when it comes to your home, unless you are Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. However, there are options to relieve yourself of the burden of having to carry a key to enter your home. Having to put a key in a small slot when the weather is cold, the light is out or during emergency situations, can be frustrating and waste critical time.

Keyboard or even fingerprint capable lock systems are becoming more popular to households who see the need of having to distribute and manage multiple keys more of nuisance.

Combine this with different brands that are now expanding their product lines with different looks and finishes, the typical homeowner is likes the idea of not having to worry about a key to get into the home.

Safety is also more relevant when you think about having to enter a locked entry door in the dark. A Smartphone Door Lock Singaporecan utilize a lighted keypad to enable you to easily enter codes into the unit allowing access much faster than finding the right key.

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