Keyless Doors Are Practical and Can Be Faster in the Dark

How many items do you have that are locked? Lockers, cars, trucks, residences, rental locations, shops, businesses, and personal safes might be included in your answer. And each of those entities requires a key for access. So how many keys are you routinely carrying? Either you have multiple key chains or a huge ring of keys that weigh a lot and you are continually sorting as you try to find the right key for the correct lock. Would you like to reduce the number of keys and maintain your property security? Residential Door Control can help you reduce the number of keys you need to carry.

The automotive industry has lead the way with keyless locks. Once considered a luxury, keypad door locks and fobs are now more commonplace on vehicles. Why not do the same for your residence, rentals, storage areas, and businesses? There are several models of replacement locks that allow access to restricted area via codes. Some models allow up to 800 different codes. Access time can also be regulated. Some systems can even be remotely controlled and monitored from your computer for additional convenience.

And if you are talking about your residence, how many persons have the need to carry keys? Certainly each family member, and also probably the person that watches your pets, waters your flowers or collects your mail while you are on vacation or gone for a weekend. What if one of those persons loses a key? Do you replace the locks or just wonder if the finder will use the key to help themselves to your property? With a keyless lock, those situations and the resulting worries are eliminated.

And what about the washing machine that needs professional repair? Do you take off work so you can allow the repair person access? Or do you hide a key so they can access your property in your absence? Are you sure, I mean really sure, they do not make copies of that key? With the appropriate keyless remote lock you could control the access time of the repair person’s entry with a temporary code that would only be good for that period of time. Wouldn’t it be nice to allow a trusted neighbor to be present to see the repair person only help themselves to the washing machine and not other property and you could remain at work? Residential Door Control allow that access flexibility and maintains your the peace-of-mind that you are protected.

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