Japanese Cooking Tips

Japanese brown rice simply puts one in a good mood. The unique taste and preparation with which the food comes are just too good to be ignored. One can almost feel the culture of the Japanese merely through its food.

But this craving for Japanese food needs not to be disregarded just because you do not have the money to spend on fancy Japanese restaurants. You can have the Japanese food experience even in your own home. Here are some Japanese cooking recipes which will definitely guide you to a luxurious yet affordable dinner:


Onigiri are the traditional Japanese rice balls. They sometimes come with a filling, usually fish. They are very common among the Japanese and are oftentimes found inside students’ bento boxes. Making your own onigiri is very easy. You just need Japanese rice and make sure it is freshly-cooked. You also need some salt for flavoring and the nori seaweed which will serve as the covering or plaster of the ball of rice. The seaweed will hold the ball in place. Before forming the rice into a ball, make a dent at the center. Fill this dent with your choice of filling. You may opt for salmon or pickles or what have you. After putting in the filling, you may start working the rice into a ball and wrapping it afterwards with the seaweed.


If you want to serve meat for dinner, then you may try cooking tonkatsu. This is pork chop or cutlet rolled in breadcrumbs which give it a crispy covering. Preparing this is easy as well. You just need to roll the pre-seasoned cutlets in flour and then dip them in beaten egg. After which, roll them again but this time in the bread crumbs. Deep fry until golden brown.

Most Japanese prefer their dinner with vegetables on the side so you may try it, too. After all, the preparation adds up to the appetizing charm of Japanese brown rice. Take your time to look up recipes about how to use japanese brown rice in your meals. Such a great addition to one;s diet should not be missed out. You can find numerous recipes which already have such a thing or come up with one on your own! Experiment with how to include this in your diet and I promise you that not only will you be feeling healthier but also happier!

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