Innovations in Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is the fastest growing window treatment available. This innovative covering provides privacy while allowing light to filter through the translucent film. It is perfect for any window in your home and comes in a variety of designs. This type of treatment is similar to the same tint that is used on car windows. The main difference is that some of the window film is easily removed and can be reused when cared for properly. It is one of the most inexpensive treatments on the market today.

Some types of film looks like stained glass. These are any type of film that uses different colors to create a design. They can be contemporary in style, abstract or have a floral design to them. Most of the stained glass versions are used on the front doors of home as well as on bathroom windows. More of the energy efficient variety are solar film, reflective or mirrored. Solar window film helps absorb the light coming through the window without allowing it to heat up your home. Mirrored film deflects the light only allowing a small amount to enter your home. Both are great for windows that face east and west.

All of the decorative window film is modern in their designs. Some offer self adhesive so they are easy to put in place, remove and reuse. They do not require sticky glue that makes it difficult to remove or leaves a sticky residue. With these films you can change the looks of your home with the changing of the seasons. They are perfect as a replacement for shutters or even sheers because they allow light to filter through them. This type of window treatment is available at a large number of retailers that sell home supplies. If you are unable to find it at your local hardware or home supply store, search the vast number of online retailers that offer it online.

There is even Solar Film for Home that is available for kitchen windows. Many of these are frosted or etched to give the appearance of frosted or etched glass. Most of the films will not fog up with condensation when cooking and they obstruct the view of onlookers while allowing a soft light from the window. They are easy to install but you do have to be careful when cutting the film. If the film is not cut precisely, you cannot add to it. It is best to leave it at least ¼” larger all the way around so you can trim it with a box cutter or exacto knife once it is in place.

Prices are relatively inexpensive. There are some Solar Film for Home that will be remarkably more costly than others but in many cases they are still cheaper than drapes, shutters, blinds and shades. In some instances the cost will depend on the style and size of film you need. Films for a full panel glass door will naturally be more costly than those of a small window.

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