How To Train Your People In a Creative Way

Training is considered a process of developing people. Training can be conducted both formally and informally. The training methods can be in different forms. In today’s fast changing world, training can take place at anytime at anywhere. We don’t need to limit training to classroom training only. There are many ways we can take to improve the skills of our employees at a Seminar Space Rental Singapore.

Sending your employees to attend seminars, conferences, workshops, talks and so on may be costly especially when the global economy is uncertain. In order to save cost, you are suggested to apply “coaching-based training” to increase their work performance. Let someone who is more experienced to be the coach of other team members. The coach is responsible to provide others with necessary guidance and feedback so that they can improve faster. Besides coaching, you can also do role-playing. Put all team members through role-plays based on their daily tasks. Get them to share with you what to be improved or changed. Most of the time, the employees are able to spot the differences during role-plays because they start seeing things from different perspectives.

It is totally not necessary to place your staff in the Seminar Space Rental Singapore when you need to share new knowledge or skills with them. You can interact with them through tea-breaks or during lunch. Sit together with them in a casual manner. In order to reduce stress at work place, the training can be conducted anywhere such as discussion rooms, café, canteen, etc. You can share the success stories of other employees with those staff who need to undergo training. Let success breed success. I don’t mean to create peer pressure here. What I propose is to share good ideas with them so that they can apply accordingly to increase their work efficiency.

Don’t forget that your subordinates are all adult learners. Hence, the duration of the training might not be too long. You can set the time frame based on the topics you want to cover but you need to make sure that the employees are able to absorb all the necessary information within certain time frame. Don’t set the training from 9am till 5pm without any break. It doesn’t work. For instance, if the total hours required for training are 5 hours, you can split the training into 5 days. Spend an hour a day with your staff. You will be able to complete it in an effective manner.

Being a good leader, you need to be creative in developing your people. You need to act smart to “polish” them so that they will shine in the long run. When they shine, your business will boom.


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