Everything About Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Women who are unhappy about the size of their breasts are the ideal candidates for the breast augmentation with fat transfer intervention. This is one of the most powerful cosmetic surgery techniques, being able to restore the patient’s self confidence as well. After long debates on the type of implants used for breast augmentation in general, it was decided that transfer of own fat is the safest and most suitable solution for everyone.

According to a recent study in the field, conducted by U.S researchers, if collected by liposuction, own fat is a viable alternative to traditional silicone for a great number of patients. In addition to this, the true benefit of this method is the exclusion of the most dangerous risks associated with a regular intervention. Once implanted, any foreign material could create confusion and disrupt the mammography examination diagnosis, as well as give rise to nodules or be reabsorbed over time. With own fat, however, the risk of any unwanted reaction from the organism is removed.

Fat Transfer to Breast are usually performed on thighs, because of the high density of fat cells. After this, the surgeon will use the extracted substance to remodel the shape of the breasts and provide them with the desired volume. Another important study conducted throughout the United States showed that the injection of fat will not only increase the breast size, but is also likely to produce good results when a breast lifting intervention is required. What is even more important is the fact that the risks associated with regular silicone implants are totally eliminated.

Fat Transfer to Breast is one of the most requested aesthetic surgery interventions all over the world. In 2008, more than 307,000 women requested it in the United States, according to recently published data.

As a patient, you should always arrange a meeting with your surgeon before the intervention takes place. During this meeting, make sure you discuss every single important aspect of your medical history, including any medications you took for a long period of time. After this very important step, the doctor will establish the options that are the most suitable for you and your body.

Finally, it is equally important to follow the surgeon’s advice with respect to the recovery period. Only if you comply with the limitations imposed to your physical activity will you obtain the desired results after a fairly short time.

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