Efficient Parking System

There are countless of ways to get a car parked inside the garage perfectly. All of us have probably experienced the trouble of getting the car too far inside or too near the garage door.

There are a lot of creative ways by which we can mark the spot for our car’s perfect position in a garage. There is season parking operator  that makes all of this convenient for you if you haven’t designed such a system yet. The genie perfect stop system built their product on this system and improved upon it. The product looks like a ball with a string on it just like a tennis ball would look. The product is better than homemade systems however because they are attached to the garage door and designed to disappear when the car is out of the parking spot. The ball is rigged to drop down as soon as the garage door is open. The height will be determined by the owner when first installed. The system will then be able to automatically tell the driver that they have arrived at the perfect spot for parking if the ball hits the windshield at the bottom part of the windshield.

There are plenty of other ways to get your car parked perfectly inside your home. For instance, you can draw a circle or square in any part of the garage and align it with any part of the car to indicate that you have positioned the vehicle at the right spot. You can also use small bumpers at the floor to indicate the right spot for parking. All of these season parking operator  can still help the any vehicle owner with finding the right spot for parking but the inconvenience of getting a system that works might be more hassle than they would bargain for. The ball method used by the genie stop system makes things convenient for you. It has the added value of having a removable stop system disappear when you get the car out of the garage.


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