Discover The Importance of Confinement Following Childbirth

Within Chinese culture, the period of 30 days following the birth of a child is the most important time in a woman’s life and if not taken care of properly, the woman’s body will not heal in a healthy manner. This period of time, known as confinement, has been a century old practice, but it is still readily practiced today. There are many added benefits to participating in this period of isolation, but the most important aspect is that the woman will remain healthy well into her elderly years.

Although the period of confinement was largely due to the lack of sanitary conditions in the past, many of the practices are still being done. The belief in non-western cultures is that the ying and the yang within the body is not in harmony following the birth of a child, so many practices are done in order to restore this balance. Women are expected to get as much bed rest as possible during the isolation, which is why it is so important to have a nanny assisting with the care of the newborn during this time. Keeping the mother away from the very intense and stressful time of caring for the newborn baby, allows for the body to heal in the appropriate manner.

There are many things that a woman must do during confinement herbs, including keeping the home at a very warm temperature to assist in the healing process, keeping away from water and especially no bathing in order to prevent bacteria from entering the body, and keeping all doors and windows shut to keep out any germs. She must also eat a very specific diet in order for effective healing. A diet that is high in ginger will help to dispel any wind in the body and cooking with rice wine will allow the body to remain warm. Also assisting in warming the body, alcohol is consumed during this the confinement, which also provides strength and energy that is needed during healing. Tonic soups are typically served as a way to restore the blood that was lost during labor.

When all practices are followed throughout the confinement herbs period, health, beauty, and youthfulness are restored after they suffer greatly during the labor process. The post-childbirth time of a woman’s life in Chinese culture should be treated with the greatest care in order to prevent diseases related to numbness of the limbs, pain, and infections that can come along with an environment that is polluted and a diet that is insufficient at promoting the healing process.

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