Every girl dreams of having the perfect wedding and even more, the most epic bachelorette party. If you want your bachelorette party to be remembered by all your girlfriends (and possibly make them feel a little jealous about it), you absolutely cannot miss out on the props for your wedding photobooth. Honestly, props (and booze) are the life of a party.

All it takes is a little bit of research coupled with a pinch of creativity and Voila! You are ready to have an amazing bachelorette party. So, here are a few tips to design the quirkiest props.

Custom made sunglasses

If you are planning to have your bachelorette party on a warm sunny day, do not forget to add some custom-made sunglasses. You can buy the inexpensive colourful sunglasses (the ones meant for children to play with) and then colour it with glass colours. Add cute labels like “Team Bride” or the names of your girlfriends on them.

Moustache and cigarette

These are one of the easiest props to make. Take a piece of thick cardboard and cover it with a black coloured paper. Now, trace the design of a moustache and cut it up with the help of a sharp pair of scissors. Add some golden glitter for a touch of glam. For cigar, repeat the same process with a white paper. Paint with a brown colour on one end. To hold the prop, place a stick on one side and paint it in a black.

Floral Photo booth

Take a large piece of cardboard depending upon the size of photo booth you want. Cut up a big rectangle in the middle to convert it into a frame. Now, paint the frame in white and stick twigs, pieces of rope and the flowers of your choice over it. Cover the entire frame in order to make the cardboard invisible. Wear some cute floral tiaras and get yourself clicked in the floral photo booth.


These simple tips can make your bachelorette party so much livelier. Try suggesting these ideas for the next bachelorette party you attend! Don’t forget to snap pictures of the fun night too!

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