DCC Fitted Trains Are Meant To Run On A DCC Layout For A Reason

Every decade or so something comes along to revolutionize the world of model railroads. Without doubt the biggest changes in recent times have included Seamoss trees, lightweight filler, die-cast period cars, static grass, and digital command control.

DCC fitted trains are ones that are compatible with train control system that send digital signals throughout the railing of track, with less wiring. DCC is the latest system of advanced controlling of model trains within a layout. If you have not upgraded to a digital command control system, you may want to consider it in the near future, or begin to wire for it, because it will become even more popular and compatible to use, so you will want to be prepared for the conversion from DC Analog operation.

Popular features for your train in a DCC system:

Sound – yes sound is amazing within a DCC system. Although sound does not have to run on a DCC system, it does sound a whole lot better from a DCC system. With decoders that are installed within the locomotive you can send signals digitally from your central unit that can tell your speakers what to play and when to play a sound. This has been improved in a DCC system and makes your sound seem so much better.

Functions – having headlights on train is a pretty neat feature and one that makes your whole layout look even more realistic. Within a DCC layout you can make these features even more flawless and real. Trains will not just seem like a model anymore, but they will have realistic aspects that you can see and hear.

Fitted trains for a reason:

Some questions have been circulating about whether you can use a regular DC locomotive in a DCC layout. Yes you can run an old DC locomotive, but you will have to add a couple parts to it so that it will work without damaging the unit. You will need to install a decoder on the DC model locomotive. This will keep the locomotive from buzzing and ruining its motor on a DCC layout. However, as much as this may prevent the DC locomotive from anything damaging, it is still recommended not to run that locomotive for too long on a DCC layout.

DCC locomotives are fitted for DCC layouts for a reason. There are plenty of new features and wiring that can complicate the use of regular DC locomotives, so you might consider just going ahead and get new DCC locomotives for a DCC layout.

Fitting trains for Digital command control:

Fitting a train for a DCC layout is rather simple. Regular DC locomotives used jumper plugs, while the new DCC system uses decoder plugs. To fit a train for DCC all you need to do is remove the body shell of the locomotive, locate the jumper plugs, remove them and install the decoder plug. The great thing about this is that no soldering is required. This is an amazing feature because there are quite a few people out there that have no soldering experience at all. Anyone can fit a locomotive for a DCC layout that is the simplicity of it. Any brand of decoder that you select will work for a locomotive to enable motor control and other functionality.

Yes or no for DCC fitting:

As some modeling experts have stated, just simply switching a DC locomotive over to the digital command control system can be relatively easy but it won’t guarantee flawless compatibility with the new system. As some have will conclude; you should try to not use a regular DC locomotive on a DCC layout for too long. The DC locomotive could eventually damage itself and be rendered useless. You don’t want this to happen because that is a waste of money that you put into that locomotive originally. To guarantee flawless use of your train, simply purchase a train control system that will work with your layout.

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