Communication & Control Systems

Communication was used initially to interact with one another. Later it was used for data transfer, running planes, train control system, guiding the rockets, etc. No one can deny the great service communication systems does for the military, naval and air forces. It looks like the whole world is connected and is functioning only because of communication and control systems.

It is hard to even imagine a life without the basic communication system every man uses today like the mobile, internet etc. Man has become so dependable on this communication media and it is now hard to pull him back to olden days when the only mode of communication was snail mails or trunk calls. Not to mention the messages passed on through doves. If we ponder on the history of communication we can see that even cave men used drawings to express himself. Communication forms existed at all times only now it is growing in size, medium and functionalities.

It is possible to watch over an enemy nation or keep the radar systems working 24.7 to watch the enemy movements. Today it looks like the whole country along with its army, navy and air force depends hugely on the communication and control systems performance. What would happen if for even a minute these systems stop working. Will it not cost the nation’s security breach if any of these control systems were seized or hacked? Imagine the commotion in a train schedule or flight timing if its control system stopped suddenly. Don’t you think we are becoming more and more dependent on these communication and control systems? It is in fact done enough damage by hopelessly making us all follow what the control room says or does. But then these systems are fool proof to some extent and thus very dependable and reliable.

Research and development in this field is a never ended episode. Updating the present system to suit the changing needs of the customer or the duties it is assigned is very imperative. Newer communication methods or tools to enhance the control systems performance and usability is also developed and has become a necessary evil. Developing, maintaining and updated these train control systemis a huge process and people need proper training to handle them efficiently. Therefore humans should also update their knowledge of these systems for the fear of being branded as aliens. Right from car and home security control systems to larger systems used in banks and organization all control systems are developed with their focus on the particular need of the customer. Military control systems need a system wherein the data can be handled safely and the confidentiality of the messages are kept a secret. High level of security and compatibility is required to face the threats of deadly viruses and hackers.

Communication and control systems are costly or cheap according to the need. A control unit for your home security might be less when compared to business related communication systems. The control unit used by airports, ships, military vigilance etc are all huge control units whose capacity in manifold.

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