Advantages of Plastic Pipes for Plumbing

Using plastic Piping Works in plumbing systems offers a range of advantages over some of the long-established alternative, like galvanised, bronze, and copper iron. Lead pipe was once a very common sight in residential plumbing systems and is now being replaced with safer options, including the plastic pipes in PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is highly used in vent, drain and cold water supply pipes. A CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipe is specially treated with heat resistance properties which makes it more beneficial when using with the hot water supply.

Degradation and corrosion

A negative aspect of the metal plumbing pipes is that they have the potential to corrode over time which results in leak issues and expensive repairs. Corrosion to copper piping can result in contamination of the drinking water and therefore resulting in an adverse health effects.

However, a plastic pipe is more resilient and able to resist the onset of corrosion even if concealed in a concrete slab or buried underground. Plastic piping used in the plumbing trade is manufactured in such a way that it is non-toxic and fully approved for holding drinking water. PVC or CPVC offers long-term durability and isn’t likely to experience the rust seen with many of the galvanised pipes. A further quality of the plastic pipe work is that it is able to avoid the metallic or rusty taste that is often experienced with certain pipes used for carrying drinking water.

Also, you might notice that plastic pipe work is less likely to hinder the flow of water over the long-term. Many types of metal pipes are likely to rust or corrode and experience certain degrees of scaling on the inner surfaces. This has the potential to build up and prohibit the free flow of the water. A significant build up of scaling over time is certain to cause a block and slow down the water pressure. Plastic pipes aren’t likely to experience these issues so able to continue to provide free-flowing water which isn’t hindered in any way.

Cost-effective option

A welcomed quality of the plastic plans for plumbing is that they are able to offer cost savings in that they are a lot cheaper to produce then the metal alternatives, and easier and less expensive to transport due to the lightweight nature of the material. A plastic Piping Works  shouldn’t have any difficulty in lasting for decades with no signs of degradation like pitting, rust, or corrosion.


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