7 Smart Ways to Standout at Trade Shows

Trade shows are an effective way for your brand to gain the desired exposure and meet prospects. Unfortunately, with the entire convention center crawling with gimmicky, flashy brands, it’s easy for your young, less-known company to be overlooked.

To gain maximum return on investment from your money and time spent on the booth and creating one of the most outstanding trade show displays, it’s best to think critically and take the most appropriate action. Here are proven ways to make your standout at the next trade show.

1.     Offer something unusual

Corporate mugs and pens have become too common and can aggravate anyone who passes near your booth rather than enticing them. Try to stand out from the big brands by offering something quirkier and put your brand on it. For instance, you can give away corporate laptop skins, Rubik’s cubes, headphones, balloons, and more.

2.     Initiate buzz among the show attendees with humor

Give everyone who passes by your booth something to talk about. Keeping these conversations positive can sometimes be very boring. Everyone has been hearing positive marketing messages so many times. Go a notch higher and offer your prospects something humorous they can pass along. This is a unique way of getting people to talk about your brand.

3.     Learn what you are facing

Perform comprehensive research and learn what the big brands are bringing to the trade shows. Do they have contests, candy or collection box to gain clients? Knowing what your competitors are offering can help you identify opportunities you can take advantage of.

4.     Invest in an outstanding display

Gone are the days when companies used to bring some old-looking tables to trade shows and still attract customers. Even if your brand is young and not well-known, you can make it look bigger and more investable by acquiring a great trade show display.

5.     Become the life of the party

Many big brands and various industry events might be boring. If you want your brand to become the new kid on the block, then establish your presence and have fun with everyone passing by your booth. Probably your competition is less excited about the opportunity to be at the trade show. That’s an opportunity for you to make some noise. Consider throwing an after-party, become friends with all attendees, and enjoy everything.

6.     Create a lasting impression

Something simple like designing shirts and offering them for free can create an instant and lasting positive buzz. Ensure it’s a product people are interested in and encourage them to wear or use it immediately. You can offer to buy them a drink when you meet them wearing the shirt at networking parties after the trade show ends.

7.     Design your booth appropriately

Everyone gets attracted to great designs. At trade conventions and shows, it’s easy to blend everything visually. Design your booth in a unique way to make it stand out from the competition. If you’re not good at graphics, consider hiring a professional to get the best graphics for your booth.

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